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How can you make the best use of the current planetary energies? Find out every week on the free This Week in Astrology podcast. You can count on your host Benjamin Bernstein to keep the show entertaining and informative!

Listeners win free consultations!
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In addition to giving you each week's general astrological forecast, many episodes also include a special bonus segment! These vary from week to week, and might include:

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Be part of the show!  Benjamin regularly interprets listeners' charts and answers their general and personal astrology questions. We welcome you to email your date, time and city of birth, as well as your astrology questions and/or feedback on the show, by clicking here.

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iTunes logoTo subscribe (or just listen) to This Week in Astrology from iTunes’ start-up screen:

  1. Click on “iTunes store” near the upper right corner.
  2.  In the search box (upper right corner), type “This Week in Astrology” and hit ENTER on your keyboard.
  3. From the search results, click the “This Week in Astrology” logo. Once the show’s page appears, click the "SUBSCRIBE" button. Or, to hear the current episode without subscribing, click the show title in the lower part of the screen.

"Best weekly astrology podcast on iTunes...upbeat and optimistic...a great way to plan your week!"

"A spiritual boost."

"I've tried to study astrology off and on for years and it usually went over my head. My learning has progressed by leaps and bounds since listening to you."

"When I listen to This Week in Astrology, I feel as though you are talking directly to ME! Thank you for your insightful, positive, and right-on interpretations."

"From one astrologer to another, congratulations on an excellent podcast." -- Dena DeCastro

"I listen to this podcast religiously every day. I love your approach, communication style and simplicity!"

"You are an inspiration! have taught me through your podcasts how to work with the Universe and not against it!"

"This podcast is an essential part of my world."
"Clear information about astrology. A must-have for students!"

clapping people'This Week in Astrology' is my one 'must listen to' astrology podcast that I replay throughout each week."

"Refreshing, fun and to the point."

"I love not only the information, but how well produced the show is. You have a great ear."

"What I find most helpful are your practical suggestions for how to work with the particular alignments."

"You have a great voice and a clear, educational, and compassionate communication style."

One of the BEST podcasts available! The forecasts, letters and listener charts always seem to be relevant to what's going on for me. An indispensable resource and wealth of knowledge!

Links Benjamin's main website.

Need a copy of your natal chart calculated for free? The Astrolabe Free Chart Page makes it quick and easy. is more involved, but gives you greater control over the output. can also calculate moving energies (transits, progressions, etc.) as well as many other types of astrology charts.

Listeners win free consultations!

Once you start listening to This Week in Astrology, be sure to email your date, time and city of birth to Benjamin. This gives you two benefits:

free consultation woman1. You have a chance to have your chart selected for use in Part 1 of the show. The listener whose chart is selected gets a free mini-interpretation as we discuss how one of the week's most powerful sky transits impacts them!

2. Every listener who has ever sent us their chart data is automatically eligible to win a free session with Benjamin! He gives away free sessions four times a year, around each solstice and equinox. There may also be "surprise giveaways" at other times, so you never know when the winner of a free consultation might be announced.

The only notification a winner will receive will be having their first name and birth data announced in Part 2 of the show. So there are two good reasons to email your birth information to Benjamin
. And the sooner you do, the sooner you might win that free consultation!

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